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Welcome to your Racing Tips website

So What Do You Get For Your Membership Subscription?

If you love to win betting on horse races, then this is the service for you!

We are looking to make your betting life as easy and as profitable as possible

Horse Racing Tips Australia  makes your selection process easier by:

  • highlighting significant firmers
  • all the clear cut favourites,
  • weight advantaged horses,
  • system selections,
  • special roughies 
  • plus best win bet selections from Barry Watson and PP Pete.

In order to gain full benefits from the HRTA (HorseracingTipsAustralia) service you need to adopt a professional approach to our betting recommendations. You will need to open an online bookmaker account if you wish to concentrate on win and/or place bets however most also provide exotic options. Make sure the bookmaker you join has the quadrella option available.

 Some of the terms we use may be foreign to you. Here’s what they mean.

The Source


OTB (Off Track Betting)


Significant Firmers

Clear Cut Favourites

Weight Advantaged Horses

System Selections and Special Roughies

Best Win Selections

Daily Doubles


Big Six

Red Rippers


Please contact us with ANY query on how to bet the HRTA selections. It would be an honour to assist.

We offer three racing packages.

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Horse Racing Tips Australia is where all the punting action is. Try our betting strategies and see just how successful we are. You will be impressed.

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Package 1: 

And They're Off Package

Daily Double and Favourites

This is a fabulous starting point to get your feet wet. Try out this starter package. Click for description and pricing

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Package 2: 

Giddyup Package

Daily Double, Favourites and Quadrellas

This package contains all sections available in Package 1 plus our magnificent quadrella strategy which has had 31.7% collects since September 7, 2013.

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Package 3:

Thoroughbred Package

Package 1 and Package 2 and much, much more

For this service you receive everything within what we call the MAIN SOURCE, as described in our opening video. Vital information on all firmers, special firmers called “Red Rippers”, weight advantage horse, selected roughies, a recommended Big Six and Running Doubles,plus stand out horses from Barry’s systems file.

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                                                                                SEE HOW ARE PACKAGES ARE GOING


Daily Doubles  -  Compares All ups with TAB

BJ Favourites

PP Pete

        PACKAGE 2 = Package 1 Plus Quadrella's


 Quadrella Sydney & Melbourne

 Quadrellas Melbourne Only

PACKAGE 3 = Packages 1 and 2 Plus the Racing sheets we call the Source ( see blogs & results page) and

Red Rippers

Big 6

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